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'Happy' International Women Day…

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

March 25, 1911 − The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire

These Women became flowers, having been recognized after 100 years...

This day serves to commemorate so many women, young Migrants – mostly Jewish and Italian –having died so unjustly. Most of them could not speak even an English word.

They hardly worked under difficult circumstances, helped by their children who also sewed.

Their working hours: 8:00-23:00. Their pay: just a few dollars. In spite of their hardship, Entrepreneurs Blanck and Harris felt vulnerable to union infiltration and had the “great” idea to lock the doors near the cutting room, leading to the exits.

The man who held the key was not there, while the fire began and spread rapidly.

This fire event has been the worst in the History of the New York City − Dozens of women died.

Six of the bodies remained unidentified until 2011, 100 years after the tragedy.

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