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Venezuela: The new Vietnam?

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Live News Coverage from Munich

Protests in Munich_ Live News Coverage from Munich: Cyclist of the World & Sakina Dipama_ VenezuelanLiveMatter
In order to answer this question, ETHNO News spoke with Venezuelans in Munich, Guaidó supporters, Latin American experts, professors, activists and members of international left-wing groups. Our interviews and as possible objective researches will be soon ready to be published. By then, let us start with the resent speech (30.01.2019) of Maduro as an introduction as well as a basis for a constructive dialogue.


Nicolas Maduro

The transcription of Nicolas Maduros speech in English

I am Nicolas Maduro,

Constitutional President of the Bolivarian of Venezuela.

I want to send a message to the people of the United States to warn you about the communicational and psychological war that was developed in the international media and especially in the United States against Venezuela.

This campaign has been prepared to justify a coup d' etat in Venezuela that has been set, financed and actively supported by the Donald Trump administration − as the whole public opinion already knows.

A brutal campaign of false images of mounted videos has been advanced.

Do not believe everything you see in the US media and the press!

I am telling this from my heart.

As they can not invent that Venezuela and Maduro have massive weapons of destruction so they could intervene us [the American people], they now invent lies every day, false news to justify an aggression against our country.

I call you to the conscience, I call you to solidarity, I call you to an awakening of the truth.

Let us not allow another war like Vietnam in Latin America.

If the government of the United States intends to intervene us, they will have a much worse Vietnam than you could imagine.

We do not want violence. Do not allow it.

We are people of peace, proud of our history, proud of Simón Bolivar and Hugo Chávez.

Venezuela has a solid democracy.

We have our own problems, as any other country, and we will solve them by ourselves.

Our people deserve respect.

In our country there is the largest certified oil reserve in the world.

And the eyes of those who lead the empire in the United States want to put their hands on it, as they did in Iraq and Libya.

That wealth belongs to us.

We are now certifying the world's first gold reserve.

We have the fourth largest gas reserve in the world.

We are a country of great resources both natural and energetic.

This is the truth and this explains the constant attack against Venezuela.

That's why I call you to the conscience, I call you to solidarity.

Do not let Donald Trump and the group of extremists around him like John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, The CIA and Mike Pence...

... do not [let them] impose their lies and their coup against Venezuela.

Support the people of Venezuela in their struggle for democracy.

I expect a lot from you, American citizens.

Here in Venezuela you have a brother.

I am an admirer of the US history.

I also know [you] very well, I have had the opportunity to ride a car through Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, and Washington.

I know your country in depth.

And I want to have relations of respect, closeness and cooperation with the entire country.

You are a great country; you are much more [bigger] than Donald Trump.

I want to have good relationships and solve our problems through peaceful diplomacy.

I only ask for respect; respect for Venezuela.

And I want your support to avoid a war like Vietnam − particularly here in America.

I ask for peace and respect for my people.

I am sure that we are going to follow the historical path, because we are in the right place in history.

We are on the right side of history.

Thank you very much!


Beyond The River...

Venezuelans in Munich* think nothing of the above speech. They do not seem to be persuaded by Maduro. On January, 23 they joined the demonstrations that have been simultaneously held all over the world (in Venezuela and in other ca. 250 countries). According to participants’ statements, they are of the same opinion of most Venezuelans (80% of the population). They accuse Maduro inter alias of Venezuela’s corruption and illiberal governance. They stubbornly insist on the fact that he exclusively bears the blame for isolation and poverty. They demand the – as they characterized it – “abdication” of Maduro and set their entire hope on Juan Guaido who is supported by USA and Europe.

*It refers to members and supporters of the based in Munich Organization

Venezuela en Baviera e. V.

Teresita Oramas-Singer (V.i.S.d.P)

A message from the editorial board

As skilled ethno-journalists, we are servants of the truth, which is − except for extreme situations – never black or white. Truths and lies meet each other at a grey intersection. To find this point in the Venezuela issue is a big challenge. We will stay tuned! Please, contact us in this regard.

-- Our audiovisual report in situ in Munich is in progress --

Live News Coverage from Munich: Cyclist of the World & Sakina Dipama

Research: Johanna Panagiotou, née Mamali_PhD Candidate_ LMU_ American Studies



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