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KURDS: The Drama Of A Stateless Nation

Updated: Dec 2, 2018


„Who killed Leyla’ s dreams? “is the brand-new documentary film by the Munich based international Magazine ETHNO NEWS.

In this video, you can watch the amazing story of Leyla Imret! Her dreams, her struggles, her odyssey, her disappointments, her escape and the love for her Nation: The Kurds. How do these 40.000.000 people, dispersed in four countries, live? How is life in Middle East? What did Leyla try to change in Cizre? And who killed, finally, her dreams?

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The predominant part of our video includes audiovisual content, which belongs to Ethno News & Health by Jopa.

External videos by German and International media used for seconds have been mentioned in the Closing Credits.

Additionally, this audiovisual project could not be materialized without using fragments of the entire film of Luigi D´ Alife “Il Massacro di Cizre” with the written permission of the Italian filmmaker (Link:

Further, we used material from the Official Trailer of the film “Dil Leyla” by Essence Film GmbH (Link: with the exclusive purpose to introduce this award-winning film − which was the Primary Source during our 10 month research − to the readers of Munich´s International Magazine Ethno News.

Copyright holders: Sabrina Proske (Producer); Igor Dovgal (Executive Producer); Essence Film (German Distributor); Swr (Co-Producer); Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg (Co-Producer); Asli Özarlan (Director). Funding: MFG Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg

Read more about Essence Film by visiting the Website

On the external used material (even on videos by Youtubers), you can find the required reference to the source. All external Moving Visual Objects are noted with the Copyright Symbol and the name of the Copyright holders

Last but not least, we used the song “Em Zarokên Amedê ne (Biz Amed'li Çocuklarız)” by Çetin Oraner after getting the written permission by the the German-Turkish Musician and informing the responsible Turkish Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights MESAM as well as the appropriate German Society GEMA.


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