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Forests could have been saved if they were Banks

Updated: Aug 3, 2018

"Melancholy" 2012 Bronze by Albert György (born in 1949 in Lueta, Romania) Located in Geneva, Switzerland
What a summer… Two days ago, we witnessed the longest “blood moon” lunar eclipse of the 21st century. It was a spectacle, a breathtaking show watching the moon to turn red in the shadow of our earth. It lasted 103 minutes and was not a matter of course. The tragic irony? A few days before that, we experienced devastating wildfires in Greece. Inevitably, I drew a parallel between the above occurrences…

A brief parallel

- Wildfires are since the first fire in 1981 in Kokkinaras of Kifisia, Athens almost a matter of course during the Greek summer. However, this time, almost 90 citizens lost terribly their life. It was the second most murderous wildfire of the 21st century.

- Similar to the lunar eclipse, colors like yellow, red and dark shaped the landscape; a view that was also devaluated by some people nearly as a show, since they could only look helpless on the disaster. On the downside, typical “predators” appeared, trying to sell the event and derive profit from it.

- Proportionally to the victims, we also had to observe at least 103-minute’s silence. Instead of taking photos, we could give thought to the following points:

- Wildfires in Greece and other places do not have to be perceived as natural disasters. Arsonists are hired, flaring off forest areas, in order to create new building land for the erection of shopping centers and luxurious hotels.

- Justice and Politicians are powerless. The later hardly never retire; whatever they have done.

- Greece belongs to the countries, where a type of feudalism does still flourish in places, where corrupt people are allowed to do what they want, without giving any explanation to anyone while remaining unpunished.

- Greece is a country, where the word “prevention” remains unknown.

- Greek citizens, exhausted by a financial catastrophe that has been lasting since 2010, suffered now an additional fate and do not understand the world anymore.

- Military Expenditure in Greece decreased in 2017 to 4959.43 USD Million. Greeks are rightfully wondering where the entire expensive helicopters they bought were during the catastrophe.

- European countries like Germany has so far benefited from the financial “aid” to Greece 2.9 billion Euros. But where is the help now?

You can find a possible answer below:

Forests could have been saved if they were Banks



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