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Cyprus − blooded devided since 1974

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

20 July 2018

In the following article, you can briefly learn what happened 44 years ago in a European country that remains up to now divided - Cyprus.

The most important historical events regarding on of the blackest page in modern history:

- 15 July 1974:

MILITARY COUP D'ÉTAT instigated by the Greek army in Cyprus (ΕΛΔΥΚ), the Cypriot National Guard and the Greek Cypriot paramilitary organization EOKA-B. The Greek military junta of 1967–1974 issued its blessing for this coup, which aim was to oust President Makarios and replace him with the irredentist, ultranationalist Nikos Sampson. The ultimate aim was the annexation of Cyprus by Greece (ENOSIS). The coupists proclaimed the "Hellenic Republic of Cyprus", killed and violated the human rights laws.

- 19 July 1974:

Makarios, who managed to escape, took part in a United Nations Security Council meeting held in New York, where he accused in the public eye the junta of Athens. Accurately, it was Dimitrios Ioannidis, the de facto leader of the Greek military junta, who believed that Makarios was no longer a true supporter of the annexation. He suspected him of being a communist sympathizer. The critical journalist Christopher Hitchens used to support the opinion that the CIA had contributed financially to anti-Makarios and anti-communist elements in both Greece and Cyprus. The US role in the Cyprus issue could be summarized in following quotation:

“There is no American reason why the Turks should not have one-third of Cyprus”

Henry Kissinger

- 20 July 1974:


Under the code name Operation Atilla or Operation Peace (Barış Harekâtı), heavily Turkish armed troops landed shortly before dawn at Kyrenia on the northern coast, where they met resistance from both Greek and Greek-Cypriot forces. Ankara claimed to invoke hereby its right (Article 4 of the Guarantee Agreement) to protect the minority of Turkish Cypriots and allegedly defend the independence of the island.


The tragedy continues on 14 August 1974 (Atilla II). You will have the opportunity to read about how the Turkish occupied the 36,2% of the island, established a state recognized only by Ankara and caused the phenomenon of uprooting (being refugee in your own country) in a following article.



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