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AFRICAN HISTORY − Food for thought

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

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From September onwards, the Christmas madness is spreading through the city, filled with cookies, gingerbread and gifts. What is missing? The sentimental mon umental trilogy, named ‘Sissi’, which will be broadcasted during the Christmas Season and will once again conquer the hearts of millions of viewers...

Nevertheless, how would the emotional world of the #Sissi-Admirers be shaped even if they met the other side of this legendary Empress?

This includes, the fact that #EmpressElisabethofAustria liked to keep people with disabilities, having also an external conspicuousness to the Court.

Characteristic example: The short and headed black boy from the Sudan #Rudolph #Rustimo*, who went down in History as Sissi's 'toy'.

She used him to scare the ladies in the yard and made fun of him when, for example, the boy had his picture taken with her macaque monkey. When later she lost interest on him, the black boy was deported in 1891 in the supply institution #Ybbs

This and much more knowledge I received as a participant in the #PanAfricanCongress that took place in October 2017, in #Gasteig (Munich). Renowned speakers, such as #BiramDahAbeid (winner of the #UNHumanRightsAward 2013), highly stimulating topics, extremely committed people, ingenuousness and a worthy attitude characterized the Congress, which took place for the sixth time this year.

Superior was the Working Group of #PanAfricanismMunich, a representation of Welfares of people from Africa and the Diaspora, which celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2017, having every reason to be proud of it.

Africans living in Germany always pick up controversial topics and invite profound discussions. Among others, this year's theme was the challenge of #globalresistance to #racism:

1. How can #decolonization succeed in an African country ruled for centuries by whites?

3. 'Hidden Heroes and Heroes of the #Transatlantic #SlaveTrade'

And what are their motives?

'The situation has become really overwrought for black people in recent years. Particularly, the defense against #refugeesofAfricanDescent has also led blacks as a collective group, being subjected to the increased discrimination in everyday life', says #ModupeLaja, spokesperson and co-organizer of the Congress.

My visit to the Congress has strengthened my conviction that only hard work can reduce meaningless #prejudices and show to the public the other face of a nation.

Thus, I would like to express my gratitude thanks for this moving experience to all organizers and in particular to my fellow participants #ModupeLaja, #MathildaLegitimusSchleicher, #TinmonkonjayGherway and #HamadoDipama.

Chapeau! Keep it up.

* A Lecture of Dr. Pierrette Herzberger-Fofana


Info #ArbeitskreisPanafrikanismus München e.V.

Augsburger Str. 13

80337 München


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