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LIDICE − A small village with a great history; a sad history. Here, in this little place in the former Bohemia one of the blackest pages of the modern World History has been written. It is a place where crimes against humanity were in a particularly unfair way committed. Deeply touched by the tragedy of Lidice, we decided to make this documentary film. It was not only the complete destruction of the village in 1942, but also the execution of total innocent people and the murder of children.

However, the souls of these 82 kids are still there, looking for reparation and giving hope that Lidice is rising again like the Phoenix from the ashes. Thus, a brand-new village has been built, the Rose Garten of Peace and Friendship has been implanted, the International Children’s Exhibition of Fine Arts Lidice was established. Just a few meters from the crime scene... How do human beings manage to overcome a dark past, when it is still there? How do memories of horror coexist with the hope of a better tomorrow?

The documentary film RISEN LIDICE seeks answers to this riddle. You can watch a preview of our scheduled film here.

Copyrights: Jopa Arts in cooperation with Lidice Museum and Memorial

Foto/Video: Grigoris Veriotis


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