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Getting together with diverse cultures...

We proudly present our spontaneous ETHNO NIGHT in Beach Arena!

Actually, our aim was to invite friends, supporters and people closest to us.

Nevertheless, two guitars, a tambourine, available in the café, and a flute in Sabine’s bag, as well as our desire to have some fun and enjoy moments of serenity, were enough to create an ETHNO NIGHT.

In this video, you hear political and popular Turkish, Kurdish, Greek and German songs.

Enjoy it and join us.

By liking our page, you automatically become a part of a huge family with a big hug for people all over the world.

We are ETHNO News & Health, Munich’s International Magazine that stands up for human rights, justice, dignity and better health for all.

You are all welcome! Until next time.


Victoria Mali & the entire Team


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